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Gravel & Stone San Andreas, CA

Rocky Mountain Super Soils offers premium gravel and stone materials to clients in the San Andreas, Mountain Ranch, and Arnold areas. For years, we have served thousands of California clients with their building, landscaping, and construction needs by delivering these materials right straight into their project areas. Consequently, we have become the first company that property owners, engineers, contractors, and builders go to when they want premium stone and gravel. Call us today if you wish to place an order.

Organic Mulches Arnold, CA

Gravel Types that We Offer

Property owners from Calaveras County, particularly those from the San Andreas area, can rely on us when it comes to their needs for premium gravel for landscaping and construction use. We have access to practically every gravel type that you may need to complete your project. Among the types of gravel that we can supply you with include:

  • Class TI road base
  • 3/4" clean drain rock
  • 2” drain rock
  • 3/4" river rock

Your Various Options for Premium Stones

Aside from providing high-quality gravel, we also supply California clients with premium stones for their landscaping needs. For example, we provide large boulders that are generally used to create rock gardens and even to accentuate man-made waterfalls, fountains, and koi ponds. Rocks and boulders are favored for their natural form and beauty that are ideal for themes that have nature as focus.

We also offer other premium stones, such as:

  • 6-8" cobbles – Recommended for Xeriscaping tasks.
  • Red lava rock – Best for use as a ground cover for its striking red color.
  • 1-6" riprap – Can be used to protect drainage channels or as material for erosion-control structures.
  • Rhyolite – Ideal for landscaping projects that require decorative stones.

Organic Mulches Arnold, CA

Why Choose Us?

Rocky Mountain Super Soils can answer all your needs for premium gravel and stone. When you choose us, we can deliver any volume into your project area for your convenience. We guarantee the quality of our materials as we only get them from trusted sources. We have tools and equipment to handle these so you won’t have to worry on how to install them on your landscape. Our personnel are licensed, trained, and certified installers, so you can look forward to great results.

Another great reason why you should choose us is the price that we put on every order. We have very affordable prices, especially for large-volume orders of gravel and stone. This is our way of accommodating all types of clients from the areas that we serve, particularly clients from San Andreas, CA.

We Cater for All Your Landscaping Needs

We aim to be one of California’s top providers of landscaping materials to DIY homeowners, landscaping contractors, engineers, and builders. Aside from delivering premium quality gravel and stone, we also provide garden supplies, such as organic soil (both packed and bulk). We also design and install landscape features, particularly hardscapes (patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, garden steps, and the like).

Moreover, we have a team of licensed and seasoned designers and installers who will be ready to take on your landscape project no matter how simple or complicated it may be. With us, you won’t have to find other companies to provide your various landscaping needs.

Call (209) 754-4343 today for your orders or inquiries. We can deliver your gravel and stone order at special rates or handle your other landscaping requirements.

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